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Sikalastic 710/715 Traffic System

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FTP Primer - 7 Gallon Unit

Sikafloor FTP 7 gal. kit - two 1 gal. cans Part “R” and two short-filled pails
Part “H” (1.25 gal. each). Kit yields 7 gal. after dilution with
2.5 gal. water (see mixing instructions below)

Priming Concrete and Plywood:
 Apply Sikafloor FTP with a flat squeegee or roller at approximately 300 sf/gal. and
work well into the substrate to ensure adequate penetration and sealing and puddles are avoided. Refer to
separate data sheet for more detailed information, or consult Sika for other primer options.
System Guide Pedestrian Traffic Heavy Pedestrian / Light Vehicular Heavy Vehicular Traffic
Primer Sikafloor FTP - 300 sf/gal. ...
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710 Base Coat

Detailing Non-structural cracks up to 1/16 inch:
Apply a detail coat of Sikalastic 710 Base at 32 mils wet, 4” wide, centered over the crack. Allow to become tack free before overcoating.
Cracks and joints over 1/16 up to 1 inch:

Rout and seal with Sikaflex 2c or 1a sealant and allow to cure.
Apply a detail coat of Sikalastic 710 Base at 32 mils wet, 4” wide, centered over crack. Allow to become tack free before overcoating.
Joints over 1 inch:

 Should be treated as expansion joints and brought up through the Sikalastic Traffic
System and sealed with Sikaflex 2c or 1a sealant.

Base Coat
 Thoroughly mix Sikalastic 710 Base using a ...
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715 Top Coat

Top Coats Thoroughly mix Sikalastic 715 Top using a mechanical mixer (Jiffy) at slow speeds until a homogenous mixture and color is obtained. Use care not to allow the entrapment of air into the mixture. Apply at the recommended coverage rate (see System Guide) using a flat or notched squeegee and backroll using a phenolic resin core roller. Apply aggregate evenly distributed at the appropriate rate immediately into wet coating and backroll if required (see System Guide). Allow coating to cure a minimum of 16 hours at 70°F and 50% RH
or until tack free between coats, and a minimum of 72 hours before opening to vehicular traffic.
Use clean, rounded, oven dried quartz sand with a minimum ...
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700 ACL Accelerator

Accelerator Sikalastic 700 ACL may be added to Sikalastic 710 Base or 715 Top in order to speed cure time particularly
in cold weather conditions. Mix thoroughly prior to application. Add a maximum of 1 quart to 5 gallons (or
1:20 ratio) and only to material that will applied within 2-3 hours.
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735 AL, 736 AL Lo-VOC and 748 PA Aliphatic Top Coats

Sikalastic Aliphatic Top Coats are optional top coats for the Sikalastic 710/715 and 720/745 Traffic Systems. They provide superior UV resistance, color stability and cleanability as well as more decorative options. 
The series includes:
Sikalastic 735 AL one-component, moisture cured, aliphatic polyurethane top coat
Sikalastic 736 AL Lo-VOC one-component, moisture cured, low-VOC, aliphatic polyurethane top coat
Sikalastic 748 PA two-component, chemically cured, low-VOC, aliphatic polyaspartic top coat
Sikalastic 700 ACL optional accelerator

Where to Use:
Sikalastic Aliphatic Top Coats are part of Sikalastic Traffic Systems, which are suitable for use on structurally sound ...