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Dicone NC15 GEL

Dicone NC15 Gel is a silicone "digestant," formulated to remove silicone-based sealants and adhesives, cured silicone elastomers and silicone water repellent overspray. NC15 Gel is formulated to a gel viscosity for application to vertical surfaces and to allow for extended dwell times required to remove heavy sealant and adhesive residues.

Dicone NC15 Gel uses new solvent technology to dissolve cured silicone resins and polymers with a nonflammable, non chlorinated and nonaromatic cleaning solution. Safer and more efficient than chlorinated solvents, xylene, toluene, benzenes, alcohols, and caustic solutions normally used for these applications.

Dicone NC15 Gel removes silicone residues from brick, concrete, natural stone ...
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Blok-Guard & Graffiti Control II

Sure Klean® Weather Seal Blok-Guard® & Graffiti Control II is a clear-drying, water-based silicone emulsion for weatherproofing concrete block and other porous masonry materials. Blok-Guard® & Graffiti Control II protects interior and exterior masonry surfaces from graffiti attacks without altering the natural appearance. Blok-Guard® & Graffiti Control II also protects exterior walls exposed to normal weathering. Graffiti removal from treated surfaces is fast and easy using Defacer Eraser® Graffiti Wipe. Blok-Guard® & Graffiti Control II is easy to apply with low-pressure spray, brush or roller.

•Treated surfaces resist penetration of most types of ...
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Prosoco Graffiti Wipe

Reformulated for increased effectiveness and lower odor, Defacer Eraser® Graffiti Wipe is an easy-to-use graffiti remover that does not contain methanol, methylene chloride or other halogenated solvents prohibited on many projects. Graffiti Wipe removes a variety of graffiti media, including spray paints and magic markers, from most smooth masonry, split-faced concrete block, wood and metal surfaces.

•Removes spray-painted graffiti from a huge variety of masonry and nonmasonry surfaces.
•Wipes graffiti off many surfaces with just a towel.
•Rinses easily with cold or hot water.
•Excellent chemical assist for cold-water removal of Defacer Eraser® Sacrificial ...
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Sacrificial Coating SC-1

Defacer Eraser Sacrificial Coating SC-1 is a clear, water-based sacrificial coating for control of graffiti on most building surfaces. SC-1 acts as a graffiti barrier, preventing spray paints, crayons and ink from penetrating and staining the underlying surface. Graffiti is removed from protected surfaces by high-pressure hot water, Defacer Eraser® Graffiti Wipe or Sure Klean® Fast Acting Stripper. The coating must then be reapplied to restore the graffiti barrier.
SC-1 allows cost-effective control of chronic graffiti without chemical strippers or abrasives that can damage building surfaces or the surrounding environment. It allows protection of limited areas and spot reapplication without a noticeable change in ...