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Mirastain 2

Miracote Mirastain II Base is a co-polymer and water-based carrier concentrate solution designed to be field mixed to formulate an Architectural Accent Stain to color surfaces of many poured-in-place cement, mortar or concrete construction materials. Mirastain II Base dilution is achieved by adding a Miracote high-grade Colorpax-LIP dispersion and a specified proportion of a specified grade of a safe solvent to the Mirastain II Base. The derivative product known as Mirastain II is a co-polymer and water-based carrier solution specifically formulated to penetrate concrete, masonry and polymeric enhanced cementitious surfaces to provide color tinting or staining of the surface. Mirastain II is designed to accept most water-based sealers and ...

Mirastain 1

Mirastain I is a Scientifically Superior construction product from Miracote. These unique reactive architectural accent stains are designed to provide superior penetration, etching and coloration of cementitious materials. Mirastain I is a unique combination of the highest grades of acidic dispersion and ultra-violet stable metallic colorants.

Mirastain I is designed to accept most solvent or water-based sealers and is specifically formulated to accept Miracote’s HDWB, CQ Clear Epoxy, Mirathane APU 100 (gloss or matte finish) or Glazetop. Miracote’s high gloss sealers yield premium shine, while the