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Johns Manville

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Johns Manville EOF Pic

Expand-O-Flash Expansion Joint Cover

Expand-O-Flash expansion joint covers are flexible, weatherproof, exterior covers for expansion joint openings and are an effective, flexible closure for a wide variety of standard and special applications. Each Expand-O-Flash cover is a combination of a flexible rubber membrane, supported by a closed cell foam to form flexible bellows, with two metal flanges, adhesively and mechanically combined to the bellows by a patented bifurcation process. As expansion joints move, the greatest stress occurs in the cover at the point where expansion joints intersect, cross or change directions. Factory-fabricated intersections are designed for maximum flexibility and are produced using special fabrication techniques to ensure ...
Johns Manville EJ-WC Pic

Expand-O-Flash EJ/WC Expansion Joint Cover

Expand-O-Flash Style PVC EJ/WC consists of foam supported bellows with integrally attached nonmetallic nailing flanges over which is attached a reinforced PVC cover of sufficient width to weld the entire joint assembly to the PVC
membrane. Nailing flanges are 13⁄8" (3.49 cm) rigid PVC welded to flexible PVC strips which in turn are welded to the reinforced PVC cover membrane. Cover membrane is available in white 60 mil or 80 mil (1.52 mm or 2.03 mm) reinforced PVC membrane. The membrane is designed to cover the curbs or cants and extend 5" (12.7 cm) onto the roof surface to be welded to the PVC roof membrane.  As expansion joints move, the greatest stress occurs in the cover at the point where ...
Johns Manville EOG Pic

Expand-O-Gard Vertical Expansion Joint Cover

Expand-O-Gard expansion joints are flexible waterproof closures for vertical building walls designed to accommodate movement between building components caused by thermal, settlement, wind, flex and seismic forces. Expand-O-Gard is a combination of a durable elastomeric bellows attached to two metal flanges, both mechanically and chemically, by a patented bifurcation process. It is available in two designs, Style WS and Style F.  Factory-fabricated transitions are available to accommodate intersections between vertical Expand-O-Gard and horizontal Expand-
O-FlashR expansion joints.

Style WS
– for use on masonry construction, metal buildings and panel wall systems where ...
Johns Manville Flexidrain Pic

Flex-I-Drain Roof Drain System

Flex-I-Drain is a unique roof drain system, designed to connect to the building plumbing system with no hub onnectors. The flexible bellows allow differential movement up to 1" (2.54 cm) in any direction between the roof deck/roofing system and the plumbing.


Flex-I-Drain can be installed in any new or existing roofing system. Because of its unique flashing system, it is compatible with all roofing membrane systems and decks. Up to 31⁄2" (8.89 cm) of insulation can be placed under the drain.
Johns Manville FP-10 Pic

FP-10 One Way Roof Vent

The FP-10 One Way Roof Vent is a solar operated, moisture/vapor venting unit designed to release and prevent the re-entry of moisture-laden air in new or existing lightweight fill decks and most low-slope industrial/commercial roofing systems.  The venting unit consists of three major components: A one piece roof deck flange and body; a weatherproof cap; and a silicone rubber valve. The deck flange is 10" (25.4 cm) in diameter, while the body has a base diameter of 4½" (11.43 cm) and a height of 6" (15.24 cm).  As the sun heats the roofing membrane causing trapped moisture- laden air to expand, the one way valve is forced open, releasing the moisture into the surrounding atmosphere. When the roofing ...