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Protecto Wrap Company

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Protecto Wrap JS140 Pic

Protecto Wrap Jiffy Seal 140/60

Internally strengthened and reinforced sheet waterproofing membrane for use on foundation walls, decks, balconies, bathrooms, terraces, parking structures and anywhere a positive waterproofing membrane is required.
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Protecto Wrap 100/60 Waterproof Membrane

PW-100/60 consists of a 60 mil thick SBS modified rubberized asphalt which is laminated on a heavy polyethylene film on the face with a siliconized, release sheet on the adhesive side. The factory controlled thickness assures uniform thickness of every roll, while the inherent waterproofing properties of the SBS modified rubberized asphalt and the polyethylene film provide the best possible water barrier.

PW-100/60 Sheet Membrane Waterproofing System is designed for use as a waterproofing system on concrete, masonry, metal and wood structures as positive protection against water, salts and certain acids and alkalis. Areas of application include foundation walls, tunnels, between the structural ...

Protecto Wrap JS500 Pic

Protecto Wrap JS 500 Detail Tape


Jiffy Seal 500 Detail Tape is a 60 mil unreinforced conformable sheet used for detailing around
protrusions, drains, footings and non-uniform surfaces. JS 500 Detail Tape is tacky on both sides to
allow for monolithic bonding to substrate and other Protecto Wrap Company products.
Composition SBS Modified Rubberized Asphalt

Basic Uses
Jiffy Seal 500 Detail Tape is used in above/below grade applications in conjunction with other
Protecto Wrap Company products, for inside window corner details, inside vertical wall details, and
inside balcony details. JS160H Mastic is used for termination on protrusion details and Protecto
Sealant 25XL is used for inside window ...

Protecto Bond Pic

Protecto Bond Insulation Wrap

Protecto Bond Insulation Wrap is specifically manufactured as a peel and stick exterior above grade insulation protective membrane. The unique polymer-coated waterproofing membrane has the ability to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. It is impact resistant to the damage that can be caused by a weed whacker. In addition, Protecto Bond protects above-grade foundation insulation from harmful Ultra Violet (UV) degradation. The UV resistant coating is 100 percent mildew and mold resistant. It has the appearance of stucco, adding a classy foundation perimeter finish to any exposed concrete foundation. Protecto Bond may also be painted to match any house color, and comes with a 10 year warranty. Protecto Wrap Company’s ...
Protecto Wrap 100 Primer Pic

Protecto Wrap 100 VOC Primer

Protecto Wrap 100 VOC Primer is a high tack SBS rubber based primer for use in vertical applications under several Protecto Wrap products.
Protecto Wrap 80 Primer Pic

Protecto Wrap 80 VOC Primer

Protecto Wrap #80 Primer is an asphalt SBS solvent based primer for use in horizontal applications under several Protecto Wrap products.
Protecto Wrap 6000 Primer Pic

Protecto Wrap 6000 Water-Based Primer

Protecto Wrap #6000 Primer is a high tack water based primer concentrate for use in indoor applications.
Store product at 40°F or above; do not allow primer to freeze.
Protecto Wrap 160H Pic

Protecto Wap 160H Mastic

JS160H Mastic is a rubberized blend of premium grade bituminous and synthetic resins used for sealing detail cuts and membrane terminations on Protecto Wrap Company’s waterproofing and flashing membranes. JS160H Mastic is VOC Compliant.