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Moisture Remediation & Alkalinity Control

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APF Vapor Solve Primer

VaporSolveTM Primer is a water-based epoxy material with deep penetration and adhesion to concrete.  It has superior performance to 100% solids materials over contaminated concrete.  This product eliminates or greatly reduces concrete outgassing. 

APF VaporSolve Joint Filler

VaporSolve Joint Filler is a non-shrinking, semi-rigid epoxy paste used for filling joints and cracks in concrete that will recieveVaporSolve Systems.  It resists long term moisture and alkalinity.

APF VaporSolve 100

VaporSolve100 is a low viscosity, hydrophobic resin system that cures on wet or damp concrete.  It is used as a single coat remediation system or a top coat over VaporSolve Primer.