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Tremco Tremstop D

TREMstop D

TREMstop D is a pre-fabricated collar device used to firestop combustible pipe penetrations. TREMstop D is a combination of TREMstop MCR and TREMstop WS formed into a specific-sized device. Installing TREMstop D will save on labor costs associated with the cutting, measuring and installation of the field fabricated TREMstop WS/MCR system. TREMstop D is available in sizes ranging from 1.5 in. to 12 in. to fit industry standard pipe diameters.

TREMstop D uses a hose clamp sealing system for securing the device around the penetrating items. The hose clamp sealing system is necessary for odd pipe sizes or pipes where it is impossible to close a fixed clamp sealing system. The device is simple to install using a power driver or a screw ...
Tremco Tremstop MCR


TREMstop MCR is a metal restricting collar to be used in conjunction with TREMstop WS to provide a field-fabricated device to firestop combustible penetrations. TREMstop MCR is designed for use where the TREMstop WS/MCR system will be fabricated or where the TREMstop D is not desired. The primary purpose of the TREMstop MCR is to direct the intumescent action of the TREMstop WS inward to fill all voids created when combustible penetrations burn.TREMstop MCR is made of 28-gauge steel, permitting easy manipulation. It is zinc coated, reducing sharp edges. TREMstop MCR is available in two profile sizes to coordinate with the TREMstop WS.