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OSI RT-600

OSI Pro-Series RT-600 Roof Tile Adhesive

Pro-Series® RT-600™ Roof Tile Adhesive is a premium grade adhesive developed especially for the repair and installation of concrete, clay, slate or composite type roof tiles on existing roofs. RT-600™ offers long life expectancy with reduced labor and installation costs. It bonds to most building materials producing a water and weather resistant seal against the elements. RT-600™ will withstand high temperature roof exposure while maintaining its high tensile and shear strength. Uplift wind resistance test data indicates that this adhesive is well suited for repairing roof tiles on exisiting roofs up to 55 feet above grade.

• Saves time, reduces labor

OSI SF-450 gif

OSI Pro-Series SF-450 Heavy Duty Subfloor & Construction Adhesive

Pro-Series® SF-450™ is a heavy duty, premium grade construction adhesive developed for Glued Floor Systems. It offers an improved cold weather formula to provide excellent adhesion and easoer extrusion under all weather conditions. SF-450™ was formulated to help eliminate the "roll-up" effect commonly experienced in cold weather field applications on frozen lumber. It offers fast set, superior strength development and is compatible with most building materials. SF-450™ will permit longer joist spans, reduced nailing schedules, and the use of lower stress grade lumber where local building codes allow. The adhesive forms a permanent waterproof and weatherproof bond to dry, wet, or frozen lumber, either treated or ...

OSI FRP-555 gif

OSI Pro-Series FRP-555 Latex FRP Adhesive

OSI® Pro-Series® FRP-555 Latex FRP Adhesive is a strong, flexible adhesive, specifically formulated for fiberglass reinforced plastic panel installation. This water-based formula is easy to trowel and cures to a strong yet flexible bond. Pro-Series® FRP-555 is unaffected by moisture, steam, water, heat or cold when fully cured. It will not harm or burn-through tub kit materials. Pro-Series® FRP-555 cleans up easily with soap and water while wet. Its low VOC formulation meets stringent State and Federal requirements.

Recommended For
OSI® Pro-Series® FRP-555 Latex FRP Adhesive is specifically designed for FRP panel installation. Ideal for interior construction needs, such as ...

OSI quad voc gif

OSI QUAD Advanced Formula Sealant Window, Door& Siding VOC Compliant

OSI® Pro-Series® QUAD® VOC Advanced Formula Sealant is composed of elastomeric polymers and high quality synthetic resins. This product offers the superior adhesion characteristics and unmatched elasticity found in high performance sealants. It yields a tough, rubbery seal which resists outdoor weather-related elements like water, oxygen, ozone, heat and UV light. The formula skins over in a short time to resist dirt and dust pickup. It goes on smoothly and has easy cut-off without stringing. When cured, the surface displays a slight sheen similar to some silicone sealants. QUAD® VOC is paintable with either latex or oil-based paints. This Low VOC formulation meets stringent State and Federal regulatory requirements. ...

Formula #38 drywall adhesive product pic

OSI Pro-Series Formula #38 Drywall & Metal Framing Adhesive

Pro-Series® Formula #38™ is a high quality, non-staining waterproof adhesive specially developed for adhering drywall to structurally sound surfaces. The unique light colored formula is best suited for bonding gypsum board to wood or metal studs, laminating gypsum board to gypsum board and bonding gypsum board to concrete or block walls.

• Helps eliminate nail pops and call backs
• Bridges minor framing irregularities
• Reduces sound transmission
• Reduces fastener use up to 50-60%
• Unaffected in cold weather use
• Waterproof and weatherproof

Formula #38™ is best suited for bonding gypsum ...