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3M Marine Adhesive/Sealant 5200

3M Marine Adhesive/Sealant 5200 is a one-part polyurethane that chemically reacts with moisture to
deliver strong, flexible bonds. It has excellent adhesion to wood, gelcoat and fiberglass. It forms a
watertight, weather-resistant seal on joints and boat hardware, above and below the waterline. In
addition, its flexibility allows for dissipation of stress caused by shock, vibration, swelling or shrinking.

• Tough/flexible polyurethane polymer
• Non-shrinking
• One-part moisture cure
• Long working time

Typical bonding and sealing applications include:
- Fiberglass deck to fiberglass hull
- Wood to ...

3m fastbond 30nf product pic

3M Fastbond Contact Adhesive 30-NF

3M Fastbond Contact Adhesive 30-NF and 30H-NF are water-dispersed,
sprayable contact adhesives for high immediate bond strength and long bonding

• Non-flammable in the wet state.
• Post-formable and heat resistant.
• Bonds most foamed plastics, plastic laminate, wood, plywood, and canvas to themselves and to each other.
• 3M™ Fastbond™ Contact Adhesive 30 has been tested and approved for use by the Woodwork Institute of California under the provisions of ANSI/HPMA HP 1983 for Type II adhesive and the heat resistance test set forth in its Manual of Millwork.
• Fastbond contact adhesive 30 is recognized under the Component Program ...
3m 78 product pic

Polystyrene Foam Insulation 78

3M™ Polystyrene Foam Insulation 78 Adhesive is available in aerosol cans, cylinders and bulk containers and is designed for bonding most types of insulation, such as EPS expanded polystyrene, XEPS extruded polystyrene and fiberglass insulation.

• Does not dissolve EPS expanded polystyrene foam or XEPS extruded polystyrene foam.
• High solids, high coverage adhesive.
• Fast drying formula helps speed assembly.
• High bond strength to insulation, for secure adhesion.
• Good heat and moisture resistance to help protect bonds.
• Can be used to bond insulation material in exterior, interior, foundation and roofing applications.
3m scotchweld 60CA pic

Scotch-Weld General Purpose Cylinder Spray Adhesive 60CA

3M Scotch-Weld General Purpose Cylinder Spray Adhesive is an industrial grade
bulk spray adhesive formulated for lighter weight substrates. The adhesive is packaged
in convenient, portable, no maintenance aerosol cylinders.

Key Features
• Very high solids, very high coverage adhesive.
• Fast drying formula helps speed assembly.
• Good heat and moisture resistance to help protect bonds.
• Temporary and permanent bonds on substrates like fabrics, soft foams, heavy papers, wood, metal, glass and most plastics.
• One or two surface bonding capabilities.
• California Compliant Contact Adhesive per SCAQMD Rule 1168.

3M Scotch-Weld Cylinder Adhesive 6 Foot Hose

3M Scotch-Weld Cylinder Adhesive 6 Foot Hose, 1 per case
3M rocker panel spray product pic

3M Rocker Panel Spray

A coating designed to provide chip and abrasion resistance to rocker panels, as well as match the OEM texture that must be replaced after collision repair. This coating has a smooth to medium texture.

Aerosol can delivery system Smooth to medium texture Fast drying

Easy to use; no mess, no tools delivery system
Matches OEM smooth to medium rocker panel textures
Paintable in 30 minutes

No time or money spent on tool use and cleanup
Customer satisfaction with pre-loss appearance
Minimal down time before coating can be painted