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Delta Drain / Cosella-Dorken

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Delta Drain 2000 Product Picture

Delta Drain 2000

DELTA®-DRAIN 2000 is designed to protect underground structures against water damage by eliminating hydrostatic pressure.

The needle-punched geotextile is highly tear and puncture resistant and proven to prevent clogging of the drainage core. The tough drainboard is thermoformed from a high-performance Polypropylene. Its outstanding impact resistance helps it to maintain the integrity of the dimpled core even under tough conditions.

With a compressive strength of 11,000 psf, DELTA®-DRAIN 2000 can be used at installation depths of 30 ft and more. It provides water-flow rates for highest demands. The Polypropylene based product provides unmatched tear, puncture and chemical resistance, and - unlike Polystyrene ...

Delta Drain 6000 Product Picture

Delta Drain 6000

DELTA®-DRAIN 6000 is the ideal solution for applications where high-drainage capacity is required. Whether in commercial or civil engineering applications, this drainboard has proven superior long term performance in regards to water flow rate, compressive strength, and chemical and environmental stress crack resistance.

Subsurface water can pass easily into the drainage core, where gravity feeds it into the drainage system at the bottom of the foundation. It is suitable for applications in underground areas such as concrete foundation walls, soldier pile or lagging walls, retaining walls, etc.

Delta Drain 6200 Product Picture

Delta Drain 6200

DELTA®-DRAIN 6200 is a high-performance drainboard that features a tough polymeric sheet adhered to its back surface. The protection sheet prevents viscous flow and die cutting of soft liquid or sheet applied waterproofing products.

The drainboard enhances the effectiveness of a waterproofing system by channeling sub-surface water away and preventing the build-up of hydrostatic pressure against the structure.

Delta Drain 9000 Product Picture

Delta Drain 9000


DELTA®-DRAIN 9000 is a high-performance, high-strength drainboard ideally suited for demanding horizontal drainage applications in plaza deck and pavement construction, and split slabs where high compressive strength and high flow rates are required.

High water flow rate and ultimate compressive strength characterize this commercial grade drainboard. Its high-strength Polypropylene core provides a continuous path for water discharge. The woven monofilament fabric allows water to pass freely into the drainage core while withstanding abrasion during substrate application (i.e. gravel). The high-strength monofilaments in this type fabric prevent intrusion of overburden material into the drainage core to maintain its high ...