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Sika Level Primers

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Sika Level-01 Primer Pic

Sika Level-01 Primer

Concrete primer and sealer for use with Sika Level-125 and Sika Level-315.

Sika Level-01 Primer is a one-part, water-dispersed and solvent-free, acrylic-based solution used to prime and seal floor surfaces prior to the application of Sika Level-125 and Sika Level-315 underlayment.

Where to Use
Use as a primer/sealer for absorbent substrates including concrete and cement screeds. Particularly suitable as an adhesion promoter and surface sealer beneath Sika Level-125 and Sika Level-315 , enhancing the bond and integrity of the underlayment when applied onto porous substrates.


  • Ready to use, no dilution ...
Sika Level-02 Primer Pic

Sika Level-02 Primer


Epoxy primer for use on difficult-to-adhere-to substrates beneath Sika Level underlayments

Sika Level-02 Primer is a two-part, water-dispersed and solvent-free, epoxy resin based solution used to prime typically problematic or smooth floor surfaces prior to the application of Sika Level underlayments.

Where to Use
As a primer for difficult to adhere to substrates including securely bonded and correctly prepared ceramic and vinyl based or quarry tiles, engineer approved wooden subfloors, epoxy terrazzo and old, thin section cut back adhesive. Specifically designed as an adhesion promoter for Sika Level underlayments, enhancing the bond and integrity when applied ...